10 Tips to Prevent Overheating Gaming Mobile

by Mr Vilen

We usually take care to ensure safeguards against sun and heat damage for yourselves, whenever you are out in the heat, cover our skins with a sunscreen, lotion or SPF 50. But have you ever thought about your phone while enjoying mobile games? Really, a person who enjoys games can’t think of anything more than bashing his opponent in a game. Games like PUBG, Call of duty, Genshin impact and many others are the most popular as well as games which have a lot of fans, but the thing is they are the most charged eating games and making our phones stress & hot. 

Let’s know the reason of Overheating.

Why does the phone overheat while doing heavy load tasks?

There are many possibilities that our phone may overheat, and many are revolving about your battery that are not connected to the high temperature outside. Do you have an array of applications in the background? Most applications consume a lot of battery to exhaust it fast. In the end, your mobile will heat up. How often you use your mobile might be some other problem, overtime will also heat up your phone.

So, it is time to jump on solutions and here are some tips, you might like to add this to your checklist.

  1. Avoid from sunlight

You must not overheat by keeping your mobile in the sun. Your smartphone collects and holds light and heat from the sun, becoming hotter the longer the sun and heat exist.

  1. Clear up games

Close, inactive apps, especially game applications in the back process make your device work harder, and it heats up. The answer is really simple — everything you have to do is just to clear up apps after use. It indirectly boosts the battery life of your phone.

  1. Turn down the brightness after playing games

Just like background applications do, turning your lights and brightness up will make your battery work harder and generate more heat. Look for your device’s anti-blind cover instead. You can view your screen in the sun with this low cost option.

  1. Airplane MODE.

Airplane mode can remain to utilise fundamental android operations, but switches other non-essential elements off, which might affect your battery much.

  1. Case off your phone after use

Playing games with over heat or leaving mobiles without blowing heat or removing the phone case will not allow it to cool down if your device is overheated. If the case is taken off, it will let the phone cool its heating winds fully without being blocked.

  1. Be updated

Many games’ new version updates or useful application’s updates will keep on giving us notifications that can affect the productivity of your mobile so that it can use less of the battery energy of your device.

  1. Avoid keeping devices together

The combination of your work phone, tablet and computer in a bag makes them more likely to overheat. Help them to stay cool by separating them.

  1. Uninstall

You might want to examine the quantity of needless stuff that can be added to your phone workload applications you will never use if your phone tends to overheat.

  1. Blow off

It may sound ridiculous, but cooling or blowing on your phone can help. A wind can assist cool off your gadget when it’s getting too hot, much like fanning keeps a person cool.

  1. Temperature changes

You might be frustrated to put your overheated gadget in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes, but we don’t suggest it. Exposing your phone to high temperatures stresses the components and puts it at danger of gathering moisture, which is a guaranteed way to break it.

In a Nutshell 

I hope these tips help you to cool down your mobile’s overheating. One must always be concerned about his or her phone’s health because they are much inclined in our feelings and emotions. Follow the tips mentioned above to make mobile feel good. 

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