Best One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

by Mr Vilen

6 Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards: One-handed gaming keyboards are essential for computer gamers who play multiplayer games. 

Because modern keyboards just need one hand, you can type more quickly because you don’t have to move around as much. Wrist pads and adjustable controls are included as well.

Another benefit of using a one-handed gaming PC is that it frees up your right hand for usage with the mouse. It’s the pinnacle of multitasking! As a result, you’ll be able to outperform your opponents by executing instructions more quickly.

Make gaming a whole lot more fun with one of these top one-handed keyboards. Below, we prepare you some gaming keyboard options that are small and comfortable to use so you can maximize your gaming time. 

1. Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad

Compared to other one-handed gaming keyboards, the Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad is more expensive, but it offers many more features. 

It blends a nice cushioned feel with an incredible amount of functionality to provide you with the best of both worlds. 

Unlike other keyboards with half of the letters, this one uses number buttons instead of letters for improved usability.

Using a mechanical switch, it activates flexible rubber dome buttons that provide precise tactile clicks. 

You receive an immediate reaction since each key is activated at a mid-height. As a result, you’ll be able to control your game more quickly than if you were using a standard keyboard.

For the perfect arsenal of techniques, use all 32 customizable keys. With an eight-way directions thumb-pad that slides easily, you may extend your command choices with hotkeys and macros. The switches are made of mecha-membrane for a more pleasant experience.

2. Havit RK-B20

Havit RK-B20 is an excellent one-handed gaming keyboard from a reputable manufacturer. There’s also an equally slick mouse included with the kit. Here’s a quick look at what this keyboard can do.

Among the 36 keys on the Havit RK-B20 are often used in first-person shooter video games. The keys are evenly placed yet near enough together that you can reach them without stretching your hand too much.

It’s simpler to reach over to other keys now that they are concave in form and ‘T’ is resized. 

They are comfortably fit around the fingers and won’t slide around. They also have a pleasant texture and are fair in color. 

This keyboard is more robust than the competition thanks to its keys, with a key lifespan of up to 50 million pushes each.

This keyboard, on the other hand, does not include arrow keys. As a result, it’s particularly well-suited to players who are already comfortable with the WASD control scheme.

Every one-handed keyboard configuration should have the comfort of the player in mind. Havit recognizes this and has created Havit RK-B20 with an ergonomic design to maximize customer comfort.

Additionally, the borders of the keyboard have been rounded to provide a comfortable wrist rest. It’s simple to grasp and use the Outemu Blue switches, and they’re comfortable to hold in your hand, thanks to their tactile nature.

3. Redragon K585 DITI 

When it comes to gaming, the Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is also a great choice. You’ll be able to choose from various colors, configure the system, and have an ergonomic layout with this choice. 

Outemu Blue switches are available on the keyboard, and there are no keys on it that you don’t use. 

Every key becomes an action key that can be accessed with a single hand and aids in developing a gaming rhythm. In addition, you’ll receive seven programmable macro keys that you may use to assign numerous instructions to and activate right away.

There are five RGB backlit settings to choose from, with a total of 16.8 million possible colors. Keep the lights off in the room when you’re not using them to conserve energy. 

Additionally, all of the keys are illuminated for better visibility, and they’re corded to help you save time and money.

4. MoModer RGB with Mouse Combo

Saving money is easy with MoModer RGB One-Handed Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo. This gaming keyboard has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use for extended periods. 

As a result, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery life or losing connection when using it.

This gaming keyboard also has an ergonomic wrist rest to help posture and minimize fatigue when using it for extended periods. 

The RGB LED backlighting makes it possible to see vibrant colors even when it’s dark. Even better, you can see better even in the dark since the letters themselves allow light through.

With just 35 keys on the keyboard, it’s simple to type with only one hand. All of the keys are responsive, quick, quiet, and versatile in using them. Additionally, the keys are non-conflict, allowing you to press or hold several keys simultaneously for faster command execution.

5. ZJFKSDYX One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

Save money by purchasing the ZJFKSDYX Rainbow Backlit One Hand Gaming Keyboard, which includes a mouse. In addition, you may save money by using the keyboard as a mouse while still gaming. 

The system is transportable, allowing you to take it with you when you go gaming somewhere.

The keyboard also has backlighting and even sidelights for increased visibility while using it at night. By using the function & escape keys, you may access the buttons. 

You’ll also receive a palm rest to help you work more efficiently by reducing tiredness and strain. For a better gaming experience, you’ll even receive a redesigned button layout with quick and flexible operation.

You’ll have to get used to typing with one hand since there are only 35 keys. However, your other hand may still use the mouse. 

Simply connect to your laptop, PC, or gaming console’s USB keyboard, and you’re ready to go. The keycaps have a crater design with a curved shape for comfort and ease of use.

6. Cakce’s Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cakce’s RGB One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard can help you win more games. It’s a 35-key mechanical keyboard that can be used with only one hand. 

And it’s tiny enough to fit into just about any budget. These options are all right here, ready for you to make use of them.

Take a look at the RGB backlighting for a moment, shall we? Every key has a backlight, and you may choose from various illumination settings to suit your preferences. Choose from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or white to express yourself. There are a variety of settings available, including light judgment mode, rising mode, running mode, snowfall mode, and breathing mode.

To make gaming even more pleasurable, it has an ergonomic design with a palm rest built-in. More comfort and usefulness may be had by using the keycaps that are curved instead of straight ones.

The primary keys are textured to make them simpler to move. All of the keys are multipurpose. In addition, you may record macros and delete them from the device, allowing you to make better use of your keyboard.

Final Thoughts

Despite its less popularity, the Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad is the most valuable and high-quality one-handed keypad on our list. A cushion on the wrist rest and mouse-like features complete the package! With no letter keys and just function keys, multiplayer gaming is a snap, and there’s less of a learning curve.

With RGB illumination, mechanical and membrane switches minimize noise and maintain a tactile click. This is the best one-handed gaming mouse money can buy. It’s now or never!

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