What is Digital Coaching? Benefits of Becoming a Digital Coach

by Mr Vilen

Why Become a Digital Coach?

If you are an offline coach and want to go online, this is the best opportunity. If you are earning just 3000 dollars per month offline, you will scale 5x and generate 15,000 dollars. If you belong to any sector or industry and want to become a digital coach, you can do as everything is teachable. You can increase your student’s strength from 0 to 100 within your first year (I am a live example in front of you).

Let me now give you a glimpse of what digital coaching is, the benefits and myths associated with it, and a detailed checklist that will help you know how much expertise you possess to become a digital coach. It will help you to decide whether you can start your digital coaching venture right away or need expert guidance to move forward in this direction.

What is Digital Coaching?

Digital coaching is a process to train individuals and businesses to achieve their goals using technology, unlike face-to-face coaching. The coach and trainees are not required to be present physically during a digital coaching session. You can do one-to-one or one-to-many coaching.

Is Digital Coaching Industry Saturated?

Many people have this myth that there are several trainers online nowadays; hence it is a fading trend. But it is the opposite. It is trending upwards as more and more people are spending more time online than offline. Whenever they need a solution to their problem, they search it online. Also, today a person cannot stick to the traditional education model. They need to upgrade their skills to meet the industry requirements and keep them updated with the latest trends. It means more genuine and problem-specific information is required.

Benefits of Becoming a Digital Coach

There are several benefits of becoming a digital coach as compared to face-to-face coaching. If you are an offline coach, then you must look at the benefits of going online.

Benefit #1: Increased Revenue

Online: If you are earning just 1 lakh per month offline, you can scale it 10X and generate 10 lakhs as geographical constraints are removed, and you can target specific customers worldwide. It holds if you are running a full-time business, but if you are in a job, it might take some more time to achieve such results as you have to handle two roles simultaneously.
Offline: In an offline business model, your reach is limited to local clients. Even if you can spread the word about your services to far-off places, only a few people will be able to reach you due to geographical constraints. Hence your earning potential remains limited.

Benefit #2: Global Reach

Online: The internet is available round the clock globally. Hence you can visualize the entire world as your potential market to sell your services. You can search for a niche-specific audience that might be interested in your service by using networking sites, social media groups, forums, etc., and make contact with like-minded people.
Offline: Running an offline business means you can only attract customers from nearby areas. Also, you cannot identify places where your potential customer might be residing and make them aware of your services. Your success rate is dependent mainly on word-of-mouth marketing.

Benefit #3: Location Convenience
Online: You can enjoy delivering online sessions from anywhere and to anyone in the world with only a computer or mobile device and a stable internet connection. People can contact you from any part of the world. It means more clients and more revenue generation for your business.
Offline: Having a physical shop or office puts a constraint on delivering your services to far-off clients. Even if they know your services, they might find it difficult to contact you due to commuting problems. Hence your reach gets limited and thereby resulting in less revenue generation.

Benefit #4: Flexible Scheduling
Online: With an online business, you can enjoy maximum flexibility as the internet is available 24X7. You can work either full-time or part-time and conduct online coaching sessions at your or your students’ convenience. There are no time and location constraints as in face-to-face coaching.
Offline: Offline business offers the least flexibility. You cannot operate 24X7 due to legal constraints. There is always an opening and closing time. Due to their busy schedules, students and professionals might find it difficult to enroll in your courses or consult you during the prescribed working hours.

Benefit #5: Reduced Marketing Budget
Online: You can market your services online to a targeted audience at very low or no cost. You can advertise your business using Google ads, Facebook ads, or YouTube ads, hire niche influencers for a shout-out or target specific keywords people are searching for and provide helpful information related to it.
Offline: Offline marketing involves distributing brochures, pamphlets, visiting cards, posters, or hoarding advertising. It involves designing, printing, and distribution costs which are pretty high as compared to online advertising. Also, these products are distributed to random people who might not have any interest in your service. So, you do not get the maximum return on your investments.

Benefit #6: Minimal Overhead
Online: In an online business, you can work from the comfort of your home with just a laptop and an internet connection. There are minimal to no overheads, and therefore your profit margin is more.
Offline: Brick-and-mortar business involves having a physical shop or office. It involves several maintenance costs, such as office rent, electricity bill, employee salary, office equipment wear and tears renovation costs, commuting cost, etc. A significant part of your earnings is lost, which is why many new businesses, despite offering quality services, get closed down in a short span of their opening.

Benefit #7: Saves Time
Online: You can complete your training or course by simply logging in without the need to travel to the institute as in offline teaching. The time and energy saved from traveling to a specific place can be channeled into more productive work and achieving goals in less time.
Offline: You have to travel to the instructor’s place to attend training. It results in the loss of time, energy, and money you could have utilized to do more tasks or spend leisure time with your family or friends.

Benefit #8: Measurable

Online: You can measure your growth rate, such as the number of visitors, leads generated, students enrolled, etc., through real-time analytics and take appropriate steps to improvise your marketing strategy.
Offline: You cannot measure the results of your marketing campaign as brochures and pamphlets are distributed to random people, and you have no idea whether they were genuinely interested in your product or service.

Benefit #9: Personalised Attention

Online: You can offer people personalized attention per their individual needs by providing one-to-one online coaching irrespective of time and location constraints.
Offline: During offline classroom coaching, you are a part of a group of students. The training time is limited, and the trainer needs to solve queries of all the students only, and hence there is no personalized attention.

How to be Successful in Digital Coaching?

The only way to succeed as a digital coach is to present your knowledge uniquely rather than copying other coaches’ coaching strategies. If you copy their ad copy matter, articles, and knowledge delivering style, you cannot go far in this field. You will not have anything unique to offer to attract new leads and get positive reviews from the existing clients.

Do you want to start a digital coaching business to start imparting knowledge and build your brand?

Let me show you how I did it and how you can do it.

Checklist to Build a Profitable Digital Coaching Business


If you are serious about launching your online business, you must have a working knowledge of the internet. Also, you must know how to use the digital tools necessary to run your business smoothly.

Are you tech-savvy?
Does technical work drain you out?
Do you have the necessary skills to carry out all the digital activities yourself?
If you lack these skills, are you ready to learn these skills?
Why do you need to learn these skills?
How can technology help scale your business fast?
If you still cannot learn the necessary tech skills, what should you do?
Do you have enough time to do all business activities professionally yourself? If not, are you ready to outsource a part of it?

Content Development

Content, whether written, verbal, or visual, is the backbone of any business. It is a way to interact with your audience and generate interest in your product or service. But a poorly written content can hurt your audience and diminish your brand identity also. Hence content development holds a special place to lay the foundation of any business.
Do you possess content writing skills?
Do you have copywriting skills to write landing pages and for social media and email campaigns?
Do you have the blogging skills to write for your business website or blogs?
Do you enjoy writing content or get exhausted even after writing a few lines?
Is it necessary to write your content yourself or opt for professional help?
Who can you hire to write content for you?
What are the trusted platforms from where you can get your content written?
What will work the best hiring a full-time or part-time employee or outsourcing work to a freelancer?
How to get your content reviewed to make it compelling to increase leads, boost conversion rate, and enhance your digital presence?
What should be the content creation frequency for your business?

Niche Clarity: Your Foundation
Niche will build your online coaching brand. You can engage a lot of audiences when you choose one niche. People will connect with you based on your niche and will become your clients.
What are you passionate about?
Are you blessed with any natural talent?
Do you have any experience in any field?
What is your macro niche?
What is a micro niche?
Is your niche profitable?

Define your Objectives
Revenue Goal: How much money do you want to generate in a specific time from your business?
Influence Goal: What would you like to be known for in the digital world? Can you be a change agent and create a shift in the world around you?
Community/Customer Clarity: Do you know who your ideal visitor is? Have you defined your ideal visitor persona?
Core Value – Core Message: If you are given a chance to talk with the world, what would be your core message?
Mission Clarity: The mission statement should be in alignment with your designation and your target market.
Designation Clarity: Example of a Designation: Digital transformation specialist

Website Goals
The website is like your online shop. And unlike offline shops, people can access your website 24X7 and explore your services. So having a website is a must if you want to educate your prospective buyer about your product or services and automatically convert them into your leads or buyers.
Do you have a website to build your online business?
What kind of website do you need for your business?
What purpose will be served by your business website?
Do you know how to choose a domain name and hosting?
What goals do you wish to achieve from your landing or business page?
What do you want your audience to do on your website?
Have you modified your site per your buyer persona?
Does my website or blog content solve the problem of my ideal buyer?
What marketing strategies will you use for marketing your site?
What action do you want visitors to take on your website? Have you defined a clear call to action?

Marketing Skills
Developing a robust course or product to sell is not enough if no one knows about it. You must be aware of several marketing tools and should have enough funds to support your marketing campaign.
Do you possess video creation and marketing skills to build rapport with your audience?
Are you confident on camera and can talk without a script?
Does your business require nurturing leads automatically? If yes, do you have an automated procedure like email marketing to capture and nurture leads on your website?
Are you able to leverage the power of social media channels to collect on auto-pilot mode?
What do you want to focus on: organic lead generation or paid lead generation?
Do you know how to use Google Analytics to monitor and measure data?
Do you know how to analyze the available data to make necessary changes in your marketing strategy to attract new leads?
Are you able to identify which social media platform is apt to increase your online business’s brand awareness?
Do you have enough revenue to run paid ads?
Have you made a list of your daily, weekly, and monthly budgets?
Do you know how to calculate ROI (return on investment) on digital marketing?
Can you do things on your own to reduce recurring costs?
How can you reduce dependency on people?
Should you use in-house digital systems or third-party tools to run your digital business?
Can you handle these systems yourself or need external help to set them up?
Are you aware of setbacks and constraints? How can you overcome them?
Are you a part of any business community? If no is it necessary to be a member of a prestigious business networking forum?

Personal Branding
A personal brand helps you showcase your expertise and establish you as an influencer or authority in your niche among your target audience. It only requires a one-time effort, but the results are extraordinary. So if you want to develop an online network of loyal customers and stand out from the competition, personal branding is a must.
Do you know the essential components of a personal brand and how to create it?
Are you clear about the message you want to convey?
How will your customers benefit from your advice or solutions?
What makes your solution unique from others?
Do you have a clearly defined mission, vision, and purpose statement?
Have you designed a unique logo for your brand?
Have you created your business profiles on all social media platforms?
Are you using the same name and profile picture on all these platforms, including your website?
Do you know how to optimize your website or blog that reflects your brand and increase your credibility?
Do you know the importance of Google authority for a robust online presence?

Systems of Digital Coaching
Funnel Building Tools: To generate leads on automation.
Email or SMS Marketing System: To nurture your leads and turn them into paying customers.
Webinar Sales System: To provide value to your inner circle members.
Payment Gateway System: To collect national and international payments.
Learning Management System: To host your courses and let your enrollees access the courses in their private member area.
Community Building System: To nurture and grow your community.
Content Marketing System: To develop content strategies to attract new leads and retain existing customers.
Video Marketing System: To connect directly with your audience to develop instant trust in your services or products.
Podcast Development & Marketing: To reach the audience who prefer audio over written or video content.
Group Building App: To send broadcast messages to your group members.
Are you aware of several systems you need to run a successful digital coaching business?
Do you have enough revenue to select the best-paid tools with excellent customer support?
Are you ready to learn how the tool functions if you are using it for the first time?

So after going through this exhaustive checklist, you must have analyzed your strengths and weaknesses. Even if you got more crosses than ticks, it does not mean you cannot become a digital coach. With proper guidance from a trained and experienced mentor, it is possible. Also, you can customize the checklist according to your business needs.

The secret lies in being YOU.

The true power lies inside your mind. If you utilize that power to program your mind, you can achieve anything. You can save yourself from future hard work and create automated communities throughout your life.

The decision lies in your hands.

So, are you with me?
Do you want to become a digital transformation specialist or digital coach?
Do you want to build your brand?
If yes, then do it from right now.

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