20 Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Know

by Mr Vilen

20 Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Know: Digital marketing is crucial for almost all businesses in the current scenario, so the demand for digital marketers has also increased. Being a digital marketer, you not only can earn a handsome salary but have a flexible schedule of working from home and unlimited vacation.

Most people come to the digital marketing industry with the soft skills to do a great job. These skills help them in learning the hard skills necessary for performing their job duties. Therefore you require both soft and hard skills to do your job best in digital marketing.

Top 20 Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Should Know

So here are 20 essential skills that will help you succeed in digital marketing.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are skills related to how you work. It is the best way to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. A set of digital marketing qualities are not learned in a set of time; instead, cultivated through years of hard work and experience.

Here are 20 soft skills that are important to have.

1. Curiosity

Curiosity is the most critical soft skill for digital marketers. Marketing techniques are constantly changing, so every digital marketer needs to have interest, passion, and hunger to ask questions and learn more about the techniques, methods, and tools. It will help you in being better in any role.

2. Ability to adapt

Digital marketers should have the ability to adopt change and adapt. This will helps in meeting the need of a customer and prospects. Having the same old beliefs, tactics, and strategies will not help in any business growth. So always willing to learn, make mistakes but remember to learn from that mistake.

3. Multitasking Skill

Digital marketers should be multitasking because there is a lot of work they need to do. They have to read the articles, do their job, figure out the strategy to do the work to save time, create reports and many more. So it is an important skill to have.

4. Convincing Skill

Marketing ia all about convincing people to buy the product or services, so practical skill is essential in this field. Digital marketers should have the ability to convince their boss to run experiments and invest in technology to achieve their personal goals. Never give up marketing is all about experiments, and it is not sure that everything you try will work. Always base your arguments on logic for convincing anyone, not just on your feeling.

5. Willingness to listen and learn

Willingness to listen and learn helps you in getting a better opportunity. Always listen to your clients and employees. You never know how the suggestion can turn and can bring huge success. 

6. Empathy

Empathy is a crucial skill digital marketers should have. They should be able to see things from someone’s else point of view. And also understand why someone is thinking in a certain way.

7. Perseverance

Digital marketing is not for you if you give up easily. You may have work to rank a site, may your ideas get rejected, may sometimes your strategy does not work well. But you should never give and continue giving your efforts with dedication. 

8. Should not be egoistic

It would help if you were not egoistic and should not think that you are the best. You need to realize that everyone is not always right, and sometimes even if you are right, it does not matter.

You can’t take it personally when you think you should bid on specific keywords and the client wants you to bid on different keywords.

9. Strong Work ethic

Work ethic is essential in most careers, but link building is of much importance. It is not possible to do without this because it is frustrating and tedious sometimes. You may get many roadblocks in some other forms, but you need to keep trying without giving up.

10. Honesty and Transparency

Honesty and transparency is an important skill to move in a career ahead. You will not be able to go longer if you’re not honest with your work, boss, or clients. It helps in building trust and brand for your product and services. It has great importance in every field.

11. Hard skills

Hard skills are the skills that can be taught and learn. Here are ten hard skills to keep you relevant in ever changing digital marketing.

12. Know to search well

You can google it rather than ask a question to someone, which saves a lot of time. You need to search well and get better with your search queries to avoid wasting your time on tonnes of irrelevant information.

13. Using Excel, Google Sheet and Spreadsheet

You should know using excel, Google sheet and spreadsheets. Because without using these advanced functions, you won’t be able to get data related to keywords, backlinks, etc. You should also be able to perform the essential function ion spreadsheet.

14. Gathering data and doing research

There are so many tools and sources for information that it’s critical to figure out where to look and how to get what you need. You must be able to pull data from various sources at some point. And if you are creating content, you should be able to find and verify the information.

15. Using Google Analytics

You can get so much information from Google Analytics that it would be a real missed opportunity not to try and master it. If Google is giving you information about your site, you need to use it. Google Analytics is a must-have tool from looking at traffic to tracking conversions, and it’s free.

16. Using atleast One SEO tool

Knowing all SEO is great because each has its strong point. But if you don’t know all, atleast one you should know. It can give you a different data set. You can get many information and reports using these tools.

17. Analyze the effectiveness of your efforts

Some measure their progress by increased traffic and some by more conversions. So depending on your key performance indicator, you need to know how to analyze and track them reliably.

18. Communication

Good communication skill is essential. And if you don’t have, you can work towards improving. Good communication skills help build and maintain relationships with prospects, customers, and other stakeholders in the company. 

An employee with solid communication skills can determine the right group, their preferences, and consumer habits more accurately. It is essential for marketing because it helps in bringing everyone on the same page.

Finding what is working and what is not working

You should know how to track a sudden decrease in bounce rate. Not every time it’s a serious reason, there may be a logical explanation. But should know where to look, how to grab an idea, and how to fix it.

19. Know How to Use Crawler

There are many crawling tools available to help you in your task. And you should be familiar with at least one Crawler according to your need.

20. Coding

If you don’t know how to code, then atleast you should understand. It is beneficial as it teaches to how to think very logically and improves your problem-solving skills. 


These skills are helpful and will help you in your digital marketer job role. But it is not necessary to possess all these skills to be great at a job. Some people do not have most of the soft skills but still doing great. 

Many people do not know how to cade or even understand it but still perform their duties well.

So try to have these skills if you lack them and they will help you perform your job well and stand out from the competition.

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