How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptops Under 40000 INR ?

by Mr Vilen

Wondering how to choose the best gaming laptops under 40000 INR? Well, we can surely help you with that! For gamers, Desktop computers are always their priority but sometimes you need something a bit more flexible and portable. Many gaming laptops with amazing specs and features are available in the market nowadays.

Before buying a laptop, specifically gaming laptops, you need to consider the whole laptop. From its hardware to software, you need to check everything. So, you can enjoy an amazing gaming experience.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptops Under 40000 INR?

We are going to provide you with some specific features that you should consider before buying a gaming laptop. Also, we will guide you on How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptops Under 40000 INR that can fulfil your gaming requirements. Let’s go!

Get an amazing GPU

How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptops Under 40000 INR

If you are buying a laptop for gaming then go for a good GPU to enjoy smooth gameplay. You can get NVIDIA GeForce GTX or RTX GPUs. Also, you can select the AMD Radeon RX 5000M series for high-quality performance during gaming.

You need to know about your requirement clearly because your gaming level decides which GPU suits you best. If you are playing entry-level gaming then you don’t need high settings for your gameplay. At the same time, if you are a mainstream gamer then you need to play your games on high settings.

Besides, the graphic cards with mainstream gaming have a minimum standard for VR. Moreover, the laptops with the GPU that have VR and the highest settings might be very costly under the budget of 40k. With a good and amazing GPU, you can play games with faster refresh rates that provide you smooth gameplay.

High-Performance CPU & Huge Storage

cpu and storage

Considering your budget, you can buy a Core i7 processor that can provide you smooth gameplay with low input lag. If you prefer GPU over CPU then you can enjoy your gaming by choosing a Core i5 processor with an amazing GPU.

About the storage capacity, you can go for SSD or HDD storage. You can buy a laptop with 1TB HDD or 256GB SSD in this budget. We recommend going for SSD storage because it will prevent your laptop from heating up in a short while. Besides, you can always upgrade the storage of your gaming laptop whenever your budget allows.

Select an Intensive RAM


For gamers, we recommend choosing 8GB RAM for average gaming activity. In your budget, you should go for 8GB RAM for smooth multitasking during your gameplay. If your budget allows you, then you should choose 16GB RAM for an excellent gaming experience.

Buying a laptop with 8GB RAM can enhance multitasking ability with a high response time. You can play your games without any lag in between and also you can enjoy and win the games using fast moves. It’s all possible if you consider intensive RAM for your gaming laptop.

Moreover, the memory of gaming laptops is upgradable. Therefore, you can consider upgrading it when you are not short on your budget. With dependable RAM, you can enhance your gaming experience and level up your enjoyment during gameplay.

High-quality Display Screen


For an amazing gaming experience, the display screen should be remarkable and comfortable to the eyes. Also, avoid touch screen laptops because it’s unnecessary for you as a gamer. You can consider buying a gaming laptop that has size, resolution, refresh rate, and other features according to your preferences.

The size of the display screen for gaming laptops should be 14 or 15.6 inches. Also, you can get it in your budget. After that, the resolution of the screen should be 1920×1080 pixels. Besides, a 4k gaming experience is offered by many laptops in this budget.

A resolution of 1080 pixels and a 60 Hz display rate can provide a remarkable gaming experience. It’s quite enough for playing games smoothly. Moreover, AMD Free Sync technology provides high-end support to prevent screen tearing during gaming.

Go For Comfortable Keyboard


If you are looking to buy the best laptop under 40k INR, then take a good look at its keyboard comfortability before buying. You should go for the keyboard that provides 1.5mm of key travel. It means how far down you have to press the keyboard keys.

After that, you need to check when you press the keys, they press down smoothly or not. If you have to apply force such as 65 to 70 grams then it’s good enough. The two features of the keyboard can make your performance excellent in gaming.

First, anti-ghosting in which you can press multiple keys to perform different actions at the same time. The other is an n-key rollover that allows you to press each key individually for your smooth and error-free gaming experience.

Battery Capacity


When you are buying a laptop for gaming then you need to compromise on some features. Battery capacity is one of them. If you are looking for a battery with an 8-9 hours capacity in this budget then it can’t be possible.

In your budget, the ideal battery capacity you can get is about 5-6 hours. Besides, you can plug the charger when you run out of battery. Moreover, the other features like GPU and Display are some specs on which your gaming performance depends. Therefore, having 5-6 hours of battery life is good enough considering the other features.


Wrapping up, we have provided here all the information regarding the best laptop under 40000 INR. You can choose according to your preferences which features you want in your gaming laptop within this budget.

Besides, if you can afford it then go for a mid-range GPU to enhance your gaming experience. At the same time, consider other features properly before buying your gaming laptop. Choose based on your liking, the storage capacity you require, or a high-quality display screen for your gaming laptop.

We hope now you can conveniently choose the best gaming laptop that can fulfill your requirements and level up your gaming experience.

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