How to Cool Down Laptop: 7 Tips to Keep Your Laptop Cooler in 2021

by Mr Vilen

Why is it essential to keep Gaming Laptop cool? 

Keeping your Gaming Laptop cool is one of the most important things to keep in mind while running your Gaming Laptop. Temperature is the prime factor in the working of any primary computing system. 

It helps in the maintenance of a good running environment for the hardware components of your Gaming Laptop. It is crucial to keep the Gaming Laptop cool at a specific temperature. 

A computer system must be kept cool to ensure that all the hardware components make it through the longest time possible. And it is also suitable for the internal components like Motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM, etc., to be kept at a cool temperature. 

Keeping your Gaming Laptop at a high temperature will lead to significant issues in the long run as a certain extent of temperature is recommended to keep your Gaming Laptop. Therefore, you must be careful with the temperature aspect of your Gaming Laptop. 

Moreover, a Gaming Laptop is an expensive piece of hardware. It is made by a much complicated and costly process, undergoing automated and manual manufacturing processes. 

So, you should know How to Cool Down Laptop in all situations. Even when in use, your Gaming Laptop needs to be kept cool to ensure the proper functioning of all the necessary hardware components. 

Why do Gamers need to know How to Cool Down Laptop? 

You must know How to Cool Down Laptop to ensure the proper functioning of your Gaming Laptop’s hardware counterparts. Always consider cooling as the most crucial external factor in the working condition of your Gaming Laptop. 

As a beginner, you must learn How to Cool Down Laptop? by going through the industry-standard procedures and guidelines before moving forward to operate your Gaming Laptop. Perform a good amount of research on the cooling systems used in Gaming Laptops. 

When kept cool and dry, a Gaming Laptop gives the best Gaming experience and ensures the peak performance possible for it. And keeping your Gaming Laptop cool should be a topic of maximum priority for you when it comes to your computing device’s digital well-being. 

Beginners always make the mistake of not caring about the cooling aspect of their Gaming Laptops and end up losing the performance and other essential outputs of their Gaming Laptops. So, for a beginner, it is necessary to know How to Cool Down Laptop? at all times and situations without compromising other aspects. 

That is why you should learn How to Cool Down Laptop? by applying various and techniques, which are always available from the sides of experts and industry professionals. Moreover, expert guidance is general on multiple internet platforms, which help you make the best choice possible to keep your Gaming Laptop cool. 

In this article, you will learn every tiny detail for keeping your Gaming Laptop cool. Along with it, you will also learn the necessary terminologies related to the cooling systems of Gaming Laptops. 

Go through the article and stay tuned for more pieces for the Gaming Laptop and Computers world. Be sure to read until the end. 

Why does a Gaming Laptop heat while Gaming? 

One of the best explanations for the heating of Laptops during Gaming is that a Gaming Laptop heats mainly due to the ongoing work by the processing unit of the Laptop for Gaming output. A Gaming laptop works to give the desired outcome to the user during the entire Gaming process. 

As all the components of a Gaming Laptop run on electrical power, the work done gets converted into heat and dissipated over the Gaming Laptop’s whole body. The body of a Gaming Laptop is made using conducting materials, which also makes the heat transfer possible between the processing unit and the rest of the Laptop body. 

Due to this heat, the Gaming Laptop gets heated at different temperature levels during the operational period and other idle operations. This heat is generated from the hardware components like CPU, RAM, ROM, GPU, etc., and is spread over the whole area of the Gaming Laptop’s body. 

The amount of work done by the processing unit of a Gaming Laptop determines the amount of heat released and the extent of the temperature upto which the Gaming Laptop will get heated. The more you play games and do other stuff, the more heat is generated from your Gaming Laptop. 

Gaming Laptop manufacturers use various cooling technologies to keep it cool under any operating conditions. Different cooling technologies exist, such as cooling fans, cooling liquid, etc., to minimise the amount of heat generated in the Gaming Laptop system. 

But, these pre-existing technical components may not be enough due to overhaul of the Gaming Laptop temperature in some cases. So, Gamers use various ways to keep their Gaming Laptop cool and dry, which allows operational excellence to be maintained throughout the using process. 

These various ways come in the form of cooling technologies and accessories like cooling systems, cooling fans, liquid cooling systems, cooling pads, etc. These components and accessories help to provide extra cooling support to the Gaming Laptop. 

Why do some abnormalities appear in the heat generation of Gaming Laptops? 

Abnormalities in the heat generation are possible in many cases, where there is an issue in various hardware components of a Gaming Laptop, which cause more heat generation than usual. This makes the Gaming Laptop dissipate more heat and also affects the proper functioning conditions. 

Sometimes, abnormality in heat generation is caused due to malfunction in different components of your Gaming Laptop. This may lead to overheating your Gaming Laptop, and sometimes it may even lead to physical damage. 

To avoid these situations, you must be aware of the well being of all the components in your Gaming Laptop, which ensure the proper heat flow and control along with other essential aspects. There is also a possibility of software issues, but they occur less frequently as compared to other hardware issues. 

Be sure to check your Gaming Laptop for any abnormality in heat generation and the hardware components for any technical issues. Always seek the help of Gaming Laptop experts and get your Gaming Laptop once checked in a while to ensure that everything is working perfectly fit and fine. 

How to keep Gaming Laptop cool? 

There are many different ways to keep your Gaming Laptop cool, and most of them usually are external accessories or components. They help in better heat transfer of the hardware components and thus lead to the long life of your Gaming Laptop. 

To keep your Gaming Laptop cool, you must provide an excellent and suitable environment along with the proper functioning of the Laptop’s internal hardware components. It would help if you kept in mind that there are many ways to keep your Gaming Laptop cool. 

Whether it be the internet or any other medium, you will find many ways to keep your Gaming Laptop cool. Consider the best ones to be externally available for your Gaming Laptop. 

It is much appreciated that you always go through the best options available on any virtual medium, or else you’ll end up just thinking about how to keep Gaming Laptop cool and not be able to move on to the actual work. 

How to Cool Down Laptop: 7 Tips to Keep Your Laptop Cooler

Here are some of my favourite tips for How to Cool Down Laptop.

1. Choose the suitable surface to keep your Gaming Laptop. 

A surface that conducts and transfers the heat into the surroundings of the Gaming Laptop ensures proper heat control and proper cooling of your Gaming Laptop. It is essential to remember that the surface over which the Gaming Laptop is put on also matters a lot in the temperature aspect. 

You must choose an excellent and suitable surface to keep your Gaming Laptop on top of it. Always select those surfaces that are well ventilated and levelled, like tabletops and flat surfaces, where there is no possibility of blockage in heat transfer. 

Don’t keep your Gaming Laptop on surfaces like cloth(beds, pillows, cushions, etc.). These are generally considered wrong places to keep your Gaming Laptop while using, as these surfaces block the cooling fans and other hardware components that ensure the proper cooling of your Gaming Laptop. 

2. Use a Cooling Pad

A cooling pad is an excellent way to keep your Gaming Laptop cool as it provides a considerable amount of cooling and ventilation. A cooling pad consists of fans arranged in various numbers and positions that provide extra cooling to your Gaming Laptop. 

Get a cooling pad for your Gaming Laptop if the embedded cooling systems are not working at the required rate to keep your Gaming Laptop cool. Cooling pads are made of suitable materials that ensure the proper cooling of your Gaming Laptop while using it. 

These pads are an effective way to keep your Gaming Laptop cool, as they work on the industry standards and always provide a better cooling experience. This utility device will suck the extra heat and send it out of the Laptop’s undersides. 

3. Check the cooling fans of your Gaming Laptop. 

Cooling fans are the most critical and principal device of cooling systems embedded in your Gaming Laptop. These fans mainly run to send the heat with the help of air circulation. 

Cooling fans usually run every moment when you turn on and use your Gaming Laptop. Be sure to check their condition if the cooling is not being done effectively. 

Sometimes, cooling fans may be damaged due to unavoidable circumstances, so you can replace them and regain the previous efficiency. It is also possible to equip your Gaming Laptop with a better type of cooling fan, so do check if it’s possible to do so. 

4. Renew the Thermal Paste. 

Thermal paste is a semi-liquid between the CPU core and the metal surface of the cooling fan. The primary purpose of thermal paste is to transfer the heat from the CPU core to the cooling fan so that the heat can be dissipated in the air to the external environment. 

Thermal pastes generally last for a very long time and are intended for long-term use. But, sometimes, it can lose its absorbing properties due to extensive use over a short time. 

In this situation, the thermal paste needs to be replaced with a new application of better quality. Usually, replacement pastes should be of higher quality than the previous ones. 

Replacement of thermal paste should improve the cooling of your Gaming Laptop at a substantial rate. 

5. Upgrade your Gaming Laptop’s hardware. 

Old versions of the embedded hardware systems of your Gaming Laptop can lead to extra heat dissipation if used for a long time. So, you can upgrade the hardware with new ones, which will lead to less heat generation as the newer hardware technologies are better than the old ones. 

Upgrading the hardware of your Gaming Laptop might help in the reduction of heat. Older hardware components like RAM, ROM, GPU, CPU, etc., usually generate a large amount of heat. 

You can upgrade these hardware components to solve the heating problem of your Gaming Laptop. New hardware will always bring good results to the overall performance of your Gaming Laptop. 

6. Try to remove the system load from your Gaming Laptop.     

If your Gaming Laptop has many files, then there is a possibility that this can create a problem in the proper running and cooling. Try to remove the unnecessary and unwanted files which you think might create problems in the smooth running of your Gaming Laptop. 

It is always recommended to keep the unnecessary files and other unwanted items away from the computer system so that the overall heating issue can be rectified. And a low amount of files and other loads makes the processing work less, which reduces a lot of unnecessary heat. 

7. Reduce the graphics settings to a decent extent. 

You can reduce the graphics settings if your Gaming Laptop generates high heat during Gaming operations. Try to reduce the graphics settings. 

Reducing the graphics settings will lower the load on the processing unit, which will help in the better handling of heat generation. This will also reduce the burden on your GPU, which is a significant producer of heat in the Gaming Laptop’s internal hardware components. 

Final Words 

I hope you have got your answers regarding the methods and techniques for keeping Gaming Laptop cool. I hope that your queries are solved after reading this article, which has been made after putting in a lot of hard work and determination. 

Logically, altering the Gaming Laptop’s hardware components is not considered to be a good practice. If you’re facing problems with heating your Gaming Laptop’s internal hardware components, always seek expert guidance. 

It is better to have it rectified in the hands of an industry-approved expert. This practice will ensure the proper functioning of your Gaming Laptop. 

You are always free to proceed with external cooling components like Cooling Pads, Fans, etc. but be sure that you don’t mess with the internal hardware components of your Gaming Laptop. 


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