How To Fix Android Is Starting Optimizing App | Full Guide 2021

by Mr Vilen

How To Fix Android Is Starting Optimizing App Loop: Most of the time, it’s very annoying to reboot and power up the phone, Like Android is starting, Android is optimizing apps, or Android is upgrading. These things are very annoying when they appear.

In some cases, these loop containers are used again and again without ending then it will be a very irritating thing for you.

Because of these reasons, you are looking for: how to fix Android is optimizing apps starting loop.

 This kind of problem will mostly face with some devices like Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, MI Xiaomi, for any other Android phone. 

.Did you know, Android optimizing apps is that kind of series when a phone undergoes once a device boots in the bid for creating and optimizing Dalvik executable on your phone.

These files are stored in the cache memory because it turns to speed up to booting the process every time when you power up your Android device.

 you are facing this issue because of several problems which I mentioned below: 

  • When you recently updated your Android phone firmware
  •  during recently performed the factory reset 
  •  when your Android device automatically shuts down ( it can low battery too).
  •  when you realize your phone requires a reboot 

What are the main causes of Android optimizing app loops?

There are several reasons like engineers and experts. Including these cases of having the phone which saves as an Android optimizing app is starting the loop.

However, it also became Rampant starting from Android Lollipop; most of the phones became almost inoperable; its main cause was that Dalvik art director,/ data/ Dalvik cache/ Arm/, also it can be when your application file wasn’t created successfully it can be corrupted.

Android is starting optimizing app loop is another case is when your Android device stuck before starting apps and loop screen is that when it’s tried to performing the system upgradation on a rooted.

Fix Android is Optimising App Starting Loop 

There are many ways to fix this when it shows Android is optimizing apps starting a loop. If everything goes correctly with your Android device, it should boot your home screen without taking a long time.

There are several processes which I shared with you below fix Android is starting optimizing app loop:

Drain Android Device Battery

We haven’t shared much information on this. In case if your phone battery is removable, you could lend it to someone who is also using the same phone as you, and they will help you out.

But in case your phone battery is inbuilt, then you need to power up the phone and leave it on the loading screen for a long time.

Also, keep notice your phone power should drain; you could also do this process at night; by morning, the battery will easily go down.

How to Boot Smartphone into Safe Mode?

Now, this actual process begins work, while booting Android into safe mode may vary from device to device.

 the main key combination that will work on the Samsung Galaxy may not work as same as another model of Android devices. To boost your Android phone into safe mode, you need to follow some steps:

Step 1

Turn off your device.

Step 2

When a device boots and phone’s logos come up, then hold the volume/- key.

Step 3

Release the keys after five before 10 seconds

After booting into safe mode on your Android device, you will be able to see the safe mode level at the lower-left corner of your screen.

 Then from the safe mode, you can easily uninstall the Buggy app and undo any changes.

Clear your Android cache partition and boot into recovery mode

Here once again, you will get your hands techy, You will see your boot into recovery mode enable to clearing your Android device cache partition, and for recovery boot mode, after performing this task, you need to press the following buttons according these:

  • Unplug the power source and turn off your smartphone
  •  At the same moment, hold down these two buttons’ volume down and power” and release them when your phone boots.
  •  While booting, use your volume down key to scroll down the “wipe cache partition option.”
  • Now to confirm, select the option by pressing “power key.”
  •  Then try the same volume button to confirm and select “reboot now.”
  •  after collecting these buttons, your Android device will Restore factory settings

While you are still in recovery mode, you can also restore your system factory by using the power and volume down buttons.

In this guide, how to fix Android is optimizing app starting loop, vegans and tell you how to boot into recovery mode and perform your factory reset in Android device.

To reset factory settings in your device:

  • Turn off your Android phone.
  • Hold power key and volume down together.
  •  Use the volume down key or scroll down To “recovery mode” and select the power key option.
  • After this process, use the volume down key to see “No command screen.”
  • Once again, hold the volume down key and, At the same moment to access your recovery mode.
  • The next step, Cold on your “factory reset/ wipe data” using your volume down buttons
  •  for selecting s, press the power button
  • Now, select “reboot now” by pressing your power button after Completing your reset process, and your phone should now boot into your default screen as it was when you first purchased this Android device.


However, this is all about how to fix Android is optimizing app starting loop, if at the end your Android device is still stuck and shows to your screen the Android optimizing app loops or optimizing app starting loop without booting successfully at your home screen, then the only option is left for you, then you have to visit your Android device service center company because in the service center there are many experiences in Engineer which can easily crack it your Android device issues.

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