How to watch TV shows & movies online for free?

by Mr Vilen

How to watch TV shows & movies online for free : Are you looking to rejoice in your memories with old TV shows & movies? Or you don’t want to spare your bank account over expensive subscriptions? Well, don’t you worry! I have got some easy and legal ways to watch everything online for free. To have a look at them, let’s dive further.

However, almost everyone loves binge-watching but, most of the time we have to pay for it. If you are a person like me, you may know how awful it is to pay for what you can get for free.

The below-mentioned ways would not only help you watch movies or shows but, also allows you access to documentaries, anime, etc. Besides, catching on to your latest episodes, you can browse to the oldest shows and also movies from the 1930s.

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I feel like you are intrigued, so lets’ start with our first method.

How to watch TV shows & movies online for free

Method #1:

Watch TV shows & movies Online on Streaming sites:

Well, online streaming may not what you are thinking about. Let me clear it out! These are websites like Pluto TV, Sony Crackle, and many more that give you access to different types of TV content for free.

However, these websites can be browsed from anywhere and have nothing to deal with illegal activities. Besides, you can enjoy current shows and movies through websites and applications like FOX and NBC.

But, the most important thing I would like to mention; you have to search for reliable online streaming sites. The best way you should use is that by reading visitors’ reviews about the streaming sites. You can also look for authentic URLs like “HTTPS” rather than “HTTP”. You can just search for your favorite show and enjoy it at any time. Its’ that simple!

Furthermore, if it didn’t works, you can go with another method:

Using Popcorn Time:

Method # 2:

Popcorn time is the perfect alternative to subscription sites. However, it offers a multi-platform to the users. It includes an integrated media player that allows you to have access to paid shows or movies. Interestingly, it offers 4K UHD video quality.

While adding up, you may not believe but, let me tell you, Popcorn Time is free for visitors. Unlike the fact it is made professionally, you can enjoy your latest episodes & movies by simply browsing through it.

Moreover, the application is compatible with a variety of operating systems. So, it is easy to install on macOS, Windows, or even on Android. But, unfortunately, MPAA (Motion Picture Association America) has taken it down due to its being a competitive alternative to streaming sites.

Well, you guys are lucky enough as different forks are accessing the site and allowing you to enjoy your favorite show and movies for free.

However, if you find any difficulty while accessing Popcorn time; you can surely try other ways. Curious to know? Lets’ have a look at it:

Watch through Free Trials:

Method # 3:

It might sound weird having free trials but trust me, it is completely legal to enjoy popular shows or movies when they release on websites. Also, it offers you the video quality you prefer. So, let’s have some insight to see how it works.

Most of the subscription-based sites like Netflix allow free trial periods. However, they know some people might exploit but guess what, they don’t care. They offer different shows in their free trial period which you can enjoy. Moreover, you can turn this system to your advantage.

Additionally, I would say to cancel it in time. Once the free trial is ended, you can just use another email address to sign up again. So, don’t you think it’s a good way to treat yourself?

Wait, we aren’t done yet, there are other methods as well,

Check on some free downloads on your app stores:

Method # 4:

So, digital store galleries like App Store and Google play are also versatile options. You can simply find something for you in the TV section of the digital store. More you can do is browsing and downloading your favorite episode to any device.

Also, it is worth mentioning, being a free method, sometimes you have to face the limitations. But, still, you don’t have to pay for them is what makes it a great choice.

Digital antenna:

Method # 5:

If you are more into live shows then a digital antenna can be the best to go with. This will help you get local news as well as channels like NBC, Fox, and others. however, the channel range with the digital antenna may vary with the place you live.

The only downside I found with the antenna is, it may not work well with dense neighborhoods. So, it is suggested to stay away if you live in a compact town.

Still, you haven’t found any reliable way? Don’t worry, there is another way to go with:

Share your friends or relative account:

Method # 6:

While looking for a free ticket to shows and movies you can ask your generous relative or friend. However, it is hard to say to find anyone but, you can feed them a good treat. Besides the joke, many services offer plans to use the same account on different devices. This plan can help if your friend or relative lets you share their account.


While wrapping up the whole thing, you can simply use any of the above-mentioned ways to enjoy the best time while having popcorns in your room. Further, I love using Netflix free trials period. Also, online streaming like Pluto TV had my hands over a long time. Moreover, it is really difficult to find any generous relative or friend but you can try it.

Hopefully, your hunt for watching TV shows and movies online for free may end here. Albeit all these ways, we looking for your opinions and experiences. You can share your thoughts on it in the comment sections without any hesitation.

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