Top 12 Best Sites To Download Software In 2021

by Mr Vilen

Best Free Software Download Sites In 2021: Are you looking for a website that provides genuine, free, and safe software? Well, we have checked several websites that can provide free software to help you out. After a lot of research, we have made a list of best free software download sites that provides an amazing range of software for free.

Thousands of websites offer million+ software, however, to find the proper one that is up to your requirement is a hard nut to crack. At this point, you just need to look for your software on the right website that has already sorted it according to the different types.

Many of you have to face difficulty in finding the websites where you can easily install and download the software you need. What we are offering is the help to choose those websites that provide spyware and virus free software to make your computer secure.

Furthermore, not just security but also money-saving service, many software can only be bought. Also, many websites will ask you to register and purchase the premium version to get the full version of the software. However, these best free software download sites provide you free access and free software along with their crack to save your hard-earned money.

Without wasting time, let’s check out a comprehensive list of best free software download sites that not only offer a wide range of top-quality software but are also safe and easy to download with easy navigation options.

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List Of Best Free Software Download Sites In 2021

List Of Best Software Download Sites

Here are List of Top 12 Best free software download sites:

1. FileHippo


The FileHippo is the first website that I enter whenever I am in search of useful software. This website provides freeware and shareware programs.

The best thing about FileHippo is that it has a small program, named FiheHippo Update Checker, which scans your PC for the software installed from FileHippo and suggests new updates of that software. This website not only offers a wide range of softwares but also, keeps your computer updated and secure with the help of the FileHippo update checker.

2. Download


The 14 years old software provider website that is owned by CNET, known name for Technology News and product reviews.

This website is one of the biggest platforms that offer softwares for Windows, Mac, and Linux that includes mobile applications too. This website offers more than 100000 freeware, shareware, and try-first downloads.

3. Torrentz


Torrentz provides premium softwares without any cost. This is considered to be a website that offers all types of softwares, movies, music, and others. The Torrent offers all the softwares along with their crack to give its full features to its users. However, you can use VPN to access all the softwares conveniently.

4. Softpedia


A Romanian website provides information related to the software and offers free downloads for the software. Moreover, this website also has indexes technology, science, health, and entertainment news. The softwares are arranged according to the recent date of update. This site offers three viewing modes that is normal, freeware, or shareware which enables users to screen out specific types of softwares.

5. Fileour


Fileourword means, the ultimate collection of Winsock. This is a popular website that offers shareware, freeware, and demo softwares. This website has a system of mirror sites that is useful to allow the traffic to the site to be shared with other server locations. Besides, this website offers softwares for windows, Linux, and Mac which you can avail of conveniently with some clicks.

6. MajorGeeks


MajorGeeks offer every type of softwares to get the best out of your computer. This website was renamed in 1997. This website provides a nice interface and even makes the terms simple.

The website is a well-known provider of softwares because they check every software before uploading it. Apart from that, MajorGeeks has a marvelous user community that helps new users with computer problems.

7. Bytesin


A new but user-friendly software provider which was established in 2006. This website offers the latest update of softwares without any cost. Bytesin provides both Freeware and shareware programs. Not only that but also, this website has WordPress themes and the latest news about software companies.

8. Soft32


This website was established in 2003 however, provides the latest updates of the softwares. Soft32 offers shareware and freeware software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Moreover, this website also offers mobile applications that include applications for iPhones.

9. Softonic


A well-known website which was established in 1997. This software is considered one of the best softwares providers in Europe. The Softonic offers over 105000 freeware, shareware, and trial version software.

For your help in choosing software, this website shows the reviews of the specific software in Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Polish. All the latest softwares are just some clicks away with the evaluation of multiple programs.

10. Ninite


This website a unique method for handling softwares on your computer. Whenever you need software for your PC, you will not need to download every software one by one. Ninite offers an option with which you can download one or more softwares at one time. All the softwares are categorized into various sections which makes it easy to find the software you need.

11. Download Crew

Download Crew

This website offers a cleaner interface as compared to the other providers. Every software is categorized according to their type which makes it easy to find the one you need.

Moreover, Download Crew provides every type of software for Windows, Linux, Mac. Not only that but also, this website offers mobile applications compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad. However, the best part of this website is that it also provides a review of each software that makes it easy for you to choose.

12. File Horse

File Horse

File Horse may not provide every type of softwares however, they only upload the best softwares available in the market. This website is known for providing softwares that are virus-free and safe. They have a checking system that makes sure that the software you download is free of any kind of malware. A limited but only best software provider has categorized the softwares according to their types.


Wrapping up, we have provided here all the information regarding the Best Free Software Download Sites. You can choose according to your preferences from which site you want to download softwares.

How do you feel about our article if you like this article, then tell us from comments? And if any of sites we missed, then definitely tell us.

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