Best Top YouTube Channels For Kids

by Mr Vilen

Best Top YouTube Channels For Kids: Kids today are growing up in a world with access to information at their fingertips. Children are curious by nature, which is why they love to explore the world around them. 

 A perfect way to educate your children is by using YouTube. Online videos can be an excellent way for parents and guardians to help their children learn about new topics.

But what should they watch? 

The internet is full of videos for kids, but not all are appropriate or even educational. There are many educational top YouTube channels for kids that cover everything from science experiments to geography lessons.

We’ve rounded up 10 top YouTube channels for kids that will teach them about the world around them while keeping them entertained. Check out these must-follow top YouTube channels today to find your child’s newest favorite show!

How Are Educational YouTube Channels For Kids Important For Learning?

Educational YouTube channels can help kids learn about the world and different topics. They are without a doubt one of the best aids that parents can find.

These top YouTube Channels teach kids about the world by explaining concepts and situations. They have a calming tone of voice and talk to their audience as if they were adults. It’s also an excellent way for parents who want their children to learn with them, not just sit on the couch with them watching TV. 

You may not believe that these videos could help your child learn valuable anything or be satisfying. But if you watch some, you can quickly see how they relate content to their audience by conveying abstract ideas in different formats.

Such as art history for children’s understanding of impressionism through clay animation or showing how life shaped an artist’s style and personality through models made from everyday things.

So, educational YouTube channels help kids learn about the world by providing vital information crucial today.

10 Top YouTube Channels For Kids To Learn About The World

Adventure is all around us, but it’s not always easy to find. Top YouTube Channels for kids offer up an exciting way to explore the world. These Top YouTube Channels give children a chance to see and learn about things they might never encounter otherwise, from around the globe or inside their very own home.

Here are Top YouTube Channels for kids that will keep you entertained while teaching your child about all kinds of amazing things!

1. Smart Girls

“Smart Girls is a show created by two best friends who want to promote kindness and confidence in girls.” This Top YouTube channel features real girls doing relatable things like showing how to tie headscarves, doing fashion tutorials, sharing stories about friendship, and more. It displays videos around the world and their original content because they believe “that there’s no such thing as too many smart girls!” 

2. National Geographic Kids

You never know what you might find on this Top YouTube channel, so it’s always worth checking out! It is an award-winning content produced with guidance from National Geographic Explorers, the National Geographic Kids Top YouTube Channel. It is about teaching children about science, nature, and animals in a fun way. Some of their most popular videos include “5 Animals with Superpowers,” “10 Underwater Animals That Glow in the Dark,” and “16 Celebrities With Pets Who Look Like Them.”

3. TED-Ed – 

The TED-Ed Original Videos are scripted animations for pre-K through high school students based on original TED Talks. These thought-provoking videos cover topics like history lessons using Jay Z songs, exploring mythology around monsters found worldwide, learning about the science of hockey, and much more. Kids can watch these Top YouTube videos anytime on various devices. But if they want to learn even more, they can visit their educational website too.

4. Sesame Street – 

The award-winning Sesame Street is one of the most popular children’s television shows in history! In addition to watching classic episodes from back in the day on this beloved Top YouTube Channel, kids will also find videos made just for them, including “Silliest Signs,” “Most Talented Animals,” “Number Lovin’ with Big Bird & Elmo,” and so many others! With new content spreading online, this is a great Top YouTube channel for kids!

5. The Brain Scoop –

If your kids love getting a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite museums and learning new things, The Brain Scoop is perfect for them. This Top YouTube channel features videos from Chicago’s Field Museum that provide a fun way to learn about animals found in zoo exhibits, as well as unusual minerals and animal body parts inside the museum’s collection. It’s also educational because docent Emily Graslie often discusses how specimens came and other information; she says, “that will make you want to go home and hug your taxidermy.”

6. Art for Kids Hub – 

Do you have a little artist at home? If so, this Top YouTube Channel where children can watch painting tutorials from artists worldwide is just what they need! 

Whether you’re looking for free art lessons online or fun videos to get your kids interested in drawing, painting, and making shapes with clay, Art For Kids Hub is an excellent choice. Not only will they find step-by-step videos from artists, but they’ll also find fun activities, techniques, and more.

7. Mike Likes Science – 

This Top YouTube Channel is great because it breaks down complicated science topics so younger kids can learn about them in a way that makes sense. With simple explanations, funny illustrations, and relevant pop culture references, you know your child will have a blast while learning about the world around them!

8. Netflix Jr – 

Do you have a slight movie buff in your home? Then this Top YouTube channel is perfect for them! Netflix Jr features shows that are made just for kids like Ask The Storybots, Puffin Rock, and more! These programs provide entertaining content, but they also teach kids about issues they may face in school and life, how friendship works, and so much more. Plus, these Top YouTube videos don’t have any commercials, so kids never have to wait for a “break” before the show continues!

9. SciShow – 

If your kids love science, this is one of the best Top YouTube channels for them to watch! This informative channel not only teaches children about exciting topics like “What Is Sleep?” and “Can We Stop Hurricanes?” but also provides facts that they can share with friends and parents alike! Watch these videos any time you’d like on a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, and computers too!

10. SciShow –  

Helmed by two sisters who want to help other children learn about the world around them, KidsTV123 is a kid-friendly Top YouTube channel that features videos about everything from historical events to different cultures and even simple science concepts. This educational channel is perfect for parents who want to find fun ways to teach their kids about these topics in an age-appropriate way!


With the click of a button, your kids can be learning all about geography, math, and science from these top YouTube channels. These top YouTube channels for kids are a great place to start. 

Whether you’re looking for information on animals, geography, or history, these videos will give your child the knowledge they need to learn about our world and keep up with their classmates in school. If your children watch any of these educational YouTube Channels regularly, let us know in the comments below!

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