VPN vs RDP | Which is Better & Why?

by Mr Vilen

VPN vs Remote Desktop: Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have faced an urgent need to change the way of doing business. New policies and solutions are introduced to make it easier to manage the heavy load of work.

The most important thing is to provide secure access to company servers to all the employees working remotely. You must have a basic understanding of the software required for remote work.

Most people think that VPN and RDP are the same software which is not true. The two software can provide a secure connection for your office work, but they are quite different. Here you can find all the necessary details about them to select the right solution for your business.

What is VPN?

VPN means a virtual private network that can help create a smaller, private network by using a public network like the internet. By using a VPN, you can connect the business networks and remote employees to access sensitive data.

VPN became popular after multiple cyber-attacks on different companies to steal their sensitive data and files. The VPN software ensures that it can keep the network secure by channeling the traffic through a secure connection. 

There are many options available for the VPN that can help in improving the level of security. So, if you are planning to upgrade your security features for your business, you should certainly consider using a VPN that has a high-level firewall to firewall encryption.

  • Improve the online security for your business.
  • Easily access your files in public networks without any safety issues.
  • Most of the VPN programs are quite affordable.
  • There are no restrictions to access the files using a VPN.
  • It has a very low setup and maintenance cost.

Using a VPN offers more security as compared to using public or open Wi-Fi, which is a significant security concern. VPN protects user identity and internet traffic, making it a security solution so it can help in enabling remote network access.

In the case of a small business, instead of spending money on getting a new IT team or department, you can consider getting a VPN. It will offer much better security and ensure that your connection remains secure.

Once you check the VPN subscription plan, you can get a multi-year plan. It will be affordable, and you can quickly give access to your employees. You can create a secure Wi-Fi and use the VPN account to ensure no security problems. 

Another important thing while getting a VPN connection is that it does not require a lot of setups as there is no physical infrastructure required. You can find that the VPN has a very low maintenance cost.

VPN service is not only limited to computers and desktops as it is also available for smartphones. So, if your work also includes working on a smartphone, it can be quite useful to get applications compatible with mobile devices. 

It will help improve the accessibility feature and ensure that you can utilize the best VPN software for your business. There are many options for connectivity in the VPN, so you can consider that to get the most out of it.

What is RDP?

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, which can help a user connect to another computer using an internet connection. Using the help of RDP software, the users can get access to the virtual desktop. The software can help you to log in to a network and use the processing and storage space.

Due to a sudden increase in the number of companies working remotely, remote desktop protocol software has become quite popular. It helps in ensuring that you can quickly get access to the company servers through a wireless desktop. 

You can easily set up RDP by using the popular programs available online. It’s essential to understand how it can prove beneficial for your business. You can check out the following benefits to learn more about it.

  • The RDP software helps with remote work improves the work productivity of an employee.
  • Using a remote desktop program can provide more security to the information and data as a security team manages the server.
  • It is a cost-saving option as you don’t have to hire new employees or buy servers.
  • It provides quick access to the data, which helps increase productivity.

The main reason to select the RDP software is that you don’t have to buy specialized servers or storage space. All the work in RDP is done on a remote desktop. In general, you can use a regular computer to perform high functional tasks on RDP utilizing an internet connection. 

RDP software is lightweight and powerful to give you a smooth experience. It offers you to get connectivity to any devices remotely. You can find that most of the software is also compatible with Android and IOS devices. 

You can easily manage multiple connections using the help of RDP software to be accessed by all the employees. There are many professional features, which can help manage groups and give access to the files. 

You can check out the pricing for using such software and understand how much it will cost you. The RDP software’s main benefit is that it has very low maintenance as everything will be managed on the virtual server.

It is very easy to use as you have to download a simple executable file that can help you start the remote connection. Once the user enters the required credentials, they can access company files, documents, and data. 

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Differences Between RDP & VPN and What’s in Common?

It’s very common for people to use VPN and RDP at the same time. There are cases where the security in RDP was penetrated after multiple tries. To prevent such issues, the use of a VPN connection along with the remote desktop software will add an extra layer of security.

When using a VPN, the users will get multiple settings to enhance security. Choosing a specific combination will help create a structure that is very hard to break or access by an unauthorized user. 

Here are some of the differences between VPN and RDP that can provide you with a better understanding. 

  • A remote desktop provides access to control a computer, whereas a VPN creates a smaller private network using a more significant public network like the internet.
  • A VPN provides access to a shared network, while a Remote Desktop allows control to a particular computer.
  • The majority of Remote Desktop software is channeled using a VPN to provide an extra level of security.

Both of the software offers a high level of flexibility and security to the users. It helps in ensuring that you can get a safe experience while working remotely. It is the reason why they are famous for businesses that have remote employees. The users who work remotely can get access to servers, systems, files, and essential data.

RDP uses different protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH, which can help organize and maintain a list on the program. There are features like a quick connect and search which will help you to get faster access. 

It also provides an auto-update feature that will keep up to date with the latest security updates. The user can also check out the login and log of sessions using the help of the remote program. RDP has a very flexible deployment making it very convenient to use. 

Both VPN and RDP are very easy to use as they do not require intensive installation to start the program. You can find that the configuration can be done very quickly with a user-friendly interface available in the program. 

By using both the software together will help in adding more layers of security on servers. You can find regular updates in the program to improve the connectivity and keeping them secured. Some VPN and RDP program offers browser extension to provide faster accessibility.

VPNs and remote desktop tools are both useful in their own right. Which one you need will depend on the level of access to a remote network you require. A corporate VPN intranet will not be an option for many people because setting one up can be expensive. For those people, RDP will be a better solution. 

VPN vs Remote Desktop: Which Tool to Choose?

Choosing between VPN and RDP will depend upon the user’s requirement as both the software offers unique features. Once you have an understanding of the technical needs, you can choose the software accordingly. 

When you are looking for safe and secure remote access to your company’s network device, you should certainly go with a VPN remote solution. By using a VPN will help you get remote access without any security or performance issues.

The users looking for software that gives them complete control without any restrictions on access, you can go with RDP. It can offer advanced security by using high-level encryption.

You can also use RDP and VPN together to get maximum security and functionality. The two software will make remote work safer and convenient for all remote businesses and employees.

Many small businesses have a small budget to manage their IT infrastructure. As you already know that it is an integral part of any business. If you can’t spend a lot of money on it, then you should go with the virtual private network for your security purposes. You must consider every little detail before considering any software to help your business in different key areas.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Now that you have decided to choose either VPN or RDP or both, you might want to set it up. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the remote desktop and virtual private network software.

Is RDP better than VPN?

While RDP on VPN offers some similarities but it is quite different in its functional term. A VPN can provide you access to a network by using the internet. RDP can provide you control over an entire computer virtually. 

If you are having difficulty deciding which is better, RDP and VPN for your company, you need to first decide what you require. RDP is your preferred choice if you want complete control over a computer from a remote location.

It’s better to consider a remote desktop to ensure that you can access your files and folders from the company. When considering remote access to your essential files, you should certainly go with RDP as it comes with more flexibility.

The VPN is better in that prospect when it comes to security, but RDP can provide you with more accessibility. Not only it helps you get access to a virtual desktop, but you can also use the software available on it. Overall, you can get better features and services in RDP for remote work.

Is RDP safe with VPN?

The remote desktop protocol helps in allowing remote control of a desktop to a computer. It is very easy to use and used by different businesses. The remote desktop comes with the inbuilt version of Microsoft windows.

The RDP software is quite convenient and offers various powerful features to provide more security. By using a remote desktop, you can restrict some access to offer more protection. If you want to ensure a higher level of security, then you can use a virtual private network along with the remote desktop protocol software.

It will help you to arrange two-factor authentication. There are many risks of working remotely, and using the two popular software together will surely help in minimizing any security concerns.

Is RDP safe without a VPN?

Using the remote desktop protocol for the remote work help in getting access using the public internet. There is some level of security available in the RDP software, but it is very limited. 
It is why it is not a secure setup and requires some additional security to keep the servers and workstations safe.

If you don’t have any proper security protocols in place, it can face various potential risks that can risk losing data through cyber-attacks. If you connect to a network via RDP without using a VPN, it can prove quite dangerous. First of all, you have to ensure your active established VPN connection to protect the traffic. 

In general, the RDP traffic is encrypted, but the over address resolution protocol poisoning is subject to attacks. It would help if you established a site-to-site VPN connection before allowing any RDP connections in the network. When you use a firewall to firewall VPN protection, it provides a more secured RDP traffic.

What can I use instead of RDP?

Remote work is no longer a foreign concept as many businesses have started to use this facility to offer a convenient work environment. 

It led to a sudden increase in the number of remote desk software to help you access company files, data, and information from a virtual drive or storage. 

Depending on your applications and the type of support required, you might want to use one or the other. If you need extra security or features, you may want to change or replace these technologies.Not only it helps in offering such community features, but it’s also health insurance more security. Here are some of the alternatives that you can use instead of RDP.

Dameware Remote Everywhere
Ammyy Admin
Chrome Remote Desktop
WebEx Remote

You can find many other applications that might suit your needs. It’s essential to understand what type of features you will require in the remote desktop protocol software. 

Once you have such a basic understanding, you can start looking for a particular type of software. There might be some programs, which can be quite affordable, so you can go for them if they provide the required features. 

You mustn’t underestimate the security purposes and get a VPN along with the RDP software to ensure safety.

What is better than RDP?

RDP has been the number one choice for quite a long time as it offers many features. By using a graphical user interface, you can get access to a remote computer or desktop. It can help you cut, copy, and paste files & documents between your machine and the virtual computer.

By using such applications helps the IT staff to troubleshoot issues without directly visiting the user. There has been a specific increase in cybercrimes, and it can be linked to security concerns with RDP. You might be looking for some alternatives that have better security.

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support
Royal TS

There are several factors that you have to consider before you plan on choosing an alternative for RDP. You must know what type of software you require for your business. 

In the case of a small business, you can go with some free or open-source tools that will be much beneficial. If you have a big company, you should certainly invest in a professional tool that will offer you advanced security and features. 

Can RDP be hacked?

It is essential to understand that every application on the internet can be attacked using certain ransomware. Most of the cyber-attacks are done by finding a bug or a gateway through the firewalls and security. 

As the remote desktop protocol uses virtual connections via public networks, it is more prone to security attacks. It is generally due to the lack of knowledge regarding security features. Many individuals only consider buying a remote desktop protocol without considering the safety concerns. 

If you are not careful, then RDP can be hacked quite easily. If a hacker has access to the sysadmin password, they will get complete control over its network & devices. It is the reason why you should always get complete security to ensure safety. 

By using RDP with a secure VPN will ensure that it will become challenging to hack into. It will provide a two-level authentication to make it more secure. You can consider looking for professional remote desktop software that can help you get the best results.

Which RDP is best?

There are so many options available for the remote desktop protocol software. You can find it a bit confusing to select the best one. An option like RDP from Microsoft is one of the top options.

If you’re looking for something different along with some additional features, then you can choose any of the following options. 

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support
Zoho Assist
Manage Engine RAP
Supremo Remote Desktop
ISL Light Remote Desktop
RemotePC Desktop Software Tool

These are some of the best options available for the RDP software. You must choose the one which offers all the required features. Every software has its pros and cons, and you should discuss these details beforehand to make the right choice. This way, you won’t face any major issues and get the best outcome while using the RDP software.

Some of the RDP software offers different subscription plans depending upon the features available on it. You can look for a popular program that gives these different subscription offers. 
This way, you can easily manage your budget and get the best security when using remote desktop software. Instead of choosing free or open-source programs, you should always consider professional RDP software. It will offer more security along with regular updates to remove any bugs.

Final Words

Now that you have become familiar with RDP and VPN, you can easily decide which one is the right choice for your business. Every business has specific requirements, and if you are new to remote work, you should certainly get familiar with the software. 

It will help make the work easier and ensure the complete safety of your data. You can go to various options available in the market and choose the one that offers all the required services. 

Once you go through all the pros and cons, you can easily find a convenient tool. For big businesses, you should certainly consider the professional options while some open-source programs are more affordable. Using both the software together will help you get additional security, making it much better for your company’s privacy

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