What is Email? How to Create an Email Account?

What is Email : Hello Guys, Hope you all are doing great, As everyone knows this is the 21st century means this is a technology era. So, you have probably seen that everyone is using technology for everything for example if you are hungry and you don’t want to make food from yourself then you can simply order anything online,

Most of the time you are doing Office work through computer and also if your company have a meeting with other big company then most of the time it’s an online meeting and also if you want to talk to someone then you can easily use your Smartphone.

I want to say that now technology is everywhere and if you are a newbie or don’t have enough knowledge related to technology then you have probably lots of question, so today I am gonna tell you about the most searched and most common question What is Email?

Most people have these question that What is Email? and Lots of people are also using Email but most people don’t have any idea about What is Email? Did someone ask for your email address and you kept thinking What is Email?

Then this article is for you Hello! My name is Abuzar and in this video, we will learn What is Email? How to Send an E-mail? How to Open E-mails and Reply to E-mails? and How to create an Email Address?

What is Email?

What is Email

What is Email? : A letter that is sent electronically is called an email, the short form of Electronic mail is email.

As you know What was the step to send a letter, First you take a letter and put it in an envelope with a stamp Then go to the letterbox and put it in a letterbox Then the Post office delivers the letter to its intended address.

But you always have the cost of sending the letter, wastage of time in posting the letter and the fear of losing the letter. But when you send an email, you don’t need to spend money on the mail stamp, you don’t have to go to the Post Office nor do you risk losing the letter.

You can send an email to any part of the world, instantly And if someone sends you an email, you can receive it in a few seconds too, And most important that normally it’s free to send and receive an email. Now maybe still there are lots of people who don’t know about What is Email? or have question-related E-mail or want to know why we should use Email or how to create an account on email? So, stay tuned.

Why Email?

Wherever you go these days, people ask for your email address, If you want to open a bank account or get a new Mobile connection or want to book a train or plane ticket or want to apply for admission to a school or college and want to stay in touch with friends and family then an email address is used and comes in handy. There are lots of free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail or Outlook Mail.

What is an Email Address?

What is an Email Address

An email address has 3 parts let’s look at an example here [email protected]

abc is the username then the @ sign then xyz.com

The user abc is situated on the domain xyz.com

Let me show you another example

My email address is [email protected]

infomrvilen is the username then the @ sign then gmail.com, If you want to contact me, you can reach me at this email address.

How to Open an Email Account?

How to Open an Email Account?

Did you ever want to open a new email account but did not know how to open a new email account? Then we will learn ‘How to open an email account‘. These days there are several free email services available, Such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail and Yandex Mail. For Now, I will show you How to open a Gmail account.

My e-mail address is [email protected]

By the end of this article, you will be able to open your own email address, So… come on! Let’s open an e-mail account.

How to Create a Gmail Account?

How to Create a Gmail Account?

Step 1: First open the Browser, after opening the Browser, type “GMAIL.COM” in the address bar above.

Step 2: Gmail home page is open. If we had an email address, we could have entered the username and password and could have logged in, but we are coming here for the first time so we will have to click on the Blue button on the top right side “Create an Account“. As soon as you click on the button, a new page opens up and there is a form here, As soon as we fill the form, our new email account will have opened. It’s that easy.

My mother does not have an email account till today. So let’s open an email account for her. This is just an example. When you fill this form, please enter details about yourself.

Step 3: I am being asked to enter First Name and Last Name So, Her name is Ayesha Fatima After I input the name I am being asked to choose a username, But the username should be such that, It’s easy to remember and unique. Someone else should not have taken that username already, Let’s input ‘ayeshafatima‘ and see if it is available in Gmail, Oh oh… Gmail is telling us that this username has already been taken up and it is suggesting some alternatives.

Let’s try another username “ayeshafatima1“, ohh….. this name is also taken already.

ayeshafatima123” … this is also taken, If there are many people with the same name as you, it is often hard to get your desired username, That’s why people often use a combination of letters and numbers to get a unique username so… let’s try to add some numbers to her name to make the username unique…and then let’s see if it is available.

Let’s Try “ayeshafatima.8881888” Yes! it’s available… because I did not get a red coloured message below.

Step 4: Now I am being asked for a password. A password is like a key and you should always keep this secret. Choose a password that is easy to remember and one that others cannot guess easily. For now, let me input “KJKSZPJ“, It’s telling me that the password is strong. If you enter a simple password, anyone can guess it. Now we have to re-type the password typed above “KJKSZPJ“. You must remember that the two passwords must be an identical and exact match.

Step 5: We are being asked for a mobile number and an email address. But she does not have an email address so let’s leave this blank. If you do not want to input the Mobile number and email address, you can leave it empty.

Step 6: Now let me put her Date of Birth – September 2th 1980

Step 7: The gender is ‘Female’ and now click on ‘Next’.

Step 8: And let’s click on the checkbox. This is Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, You can read the Terms of Service by clicking on them, But I have read these before so I am going to click here and to ‘Next Step’ On clicking ‘Next Step’ a new page opens up… and now our email address is ready.

Step 9: Now this field google might be asked, you are being told to prove that you are not a robot. Often hackers create bots that may create fake ids. So Gmail has created a verification step so you need to type these letters above on the field below. If you are not able to read the letters clearly, you can press this refresh button and get a new set of letters, Yes, I can read this now. So, let me pass Verification. Remember – you will be shown a different set of letters, images or numbers so you should input those.

Here you see ‘Welcome Ayesha’ and our email address [email protected] has been created, And Now We are on Google Homepage so Let’s click on the Tab button ‘Gmail’

Once we press this button, we are inside the Gmail inbox where the Gmail team has sent us 1 email and this is our welcome message, the email account is ready! But remember, we have just logged into the email account. If you want to sign out, click on the arrow above button above and you will be signed out of Gmail and now were are back where we started – on the Gmail login page.

Remember – please do not share your password with anyone. Please note it somewhere and keep it safely so that if you forget it you can refer to the paper or dairy.

In this example, we created an email address [email protected]. The username was ayeshafatima.8881888 and the password we chose was ‘KJKSZPJ’, It’s not necessary for you to use the same username or password. You may choose a username and password you like.

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How to Send an Email?

How to Send An Email?

Do you want to learn How to send an email? If you don’t have an e-mail account yet, please open an email account first. Let’s write a new e-mail, My e-mail account is with Gmail so I will type gmail.com in the browser.

Step 1: Now the Gmail home page is open, we have to enter the Username and Password, After you fill the username and password, click on the Blue SIGN IN button. Now we have signed in and are in the Gmail Inbox.

Step 2: Now we need to send a new e-mail, Now on the top left-hand corner, click on the COMPOSE button, After you click here.

Step 3: NEW MESSAGE box will open on the bottom right-hand side. You can type a new e-mail into this box, In the line that says TO, You have to write the e-mail address of a person, Please enter the email address of the person you want to send this e-mail to, in this line, Let me send an e-mail to my Mother, let me type my mother’s email address.

Step 4: Now I have typed my mother’s email address in the “TO” Field, Now I need to fill the Subject, You can fill in the Subject by describing what this Email is about.

Step 5: Now you can type the content of your E-mail in the empty box here, Now let me type something here, Now I have typed the email, click on the Blue “SEND” button, then the email will be sent.

What if you want to send the email to many people at the same time?

it’s very easy to send same mail to many people at the same time.

In the TO field, you can type more than one email addresses, let me type another email address, now this email will be sent to two people. Once you click on the Blue SEND button, the email will be sent

You can see here on the bottom left side ” Message sent. “, This email has been sent, If you click on “ VIEW MESSAGE ”, you can see the email that was sent, That was easy!

How to Open Emails and Reply to Emails?

How to Open Emails and Reply to Emails

Do you have an email account but you don’t know how to open and reply to emails, then we will tell you how to open and reply to emails?

Let’s open an email, just now we opened an email account in Gmail, so let’s open our browser and type gmail.com in Search Bar, Gmail’s inbox has been opened.

How to Open E-mail?

Now I am seeing all the emails that I have received here, so how to open an email. It is very easy, select any email that you want to read and then click on it. And your email has opened.

How to Reply to E-mail?

The email has opened but now how to reply to this email. Let’s see how to answer that?

There is a reply button below this open email, click on that, as soon as you clicked, it opened like a box. Now you can reply to this email, here you can write anything. I am writing “Your email has been received”.

And then press the send button at the bottom, as soon as you press the send button, Gmail is giving you a message in which Gmail is telling you that “Your message has been sent”.

If you still want to confirm or want to see your sent email, then you click on “Sent” here on the left side. And here you can see that the email you sent exists, that’s all, It was all easy.


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