What is the difference between Hardware and Software?

by Mr Vilen

Mostly everyone might have undergone this question during their lifetime in their computer class asked by their teacher. And the humor is that many might have even struggled to answer this question.

And even many are there who don’t know the actual definition for the difference between Hardware and Software. Some say, ‘you can touch the hardware, and you cannot touch the hardware,’ and then they simply quit because they don’t know more than this. To make you know more about the Hardware and the Software and also their difference.

And that is what I am going to explain through this article.

What is Computer Hardware?

The basic components of the computer which help the computer to function are known as the computer. For example, mouse, keyboard, monitor, CPU, speakers, and motherboards are the computer’s Hardware.

List out the characteristics of the Hardware?

Some unique characteristics of the Hardware include:

  • Unlike the Software, the Hardware is developed and engineered.
  • Hardware cannot perform any task without the Software. So the Hardware is useless without the Software.
  • Hardware is electronic devices that can be seen and touched. 
  • Unlike Software, Hardware cannot be affected by the virus. 
  • Hardware can be replaced with a new one if it is damaged. 

So these are some different characteristics of the Hardware.

What is Computer Software?

Computer software is a set of instructions that enables users to interact with the computer hardware and perform specific tasks. 

In other words, it is a set of data or programs which operate the computer and execute specific tasks.

For example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Windows media player, word, excel, PowerPoint, Safari, Linux, macOS, and more are examples of computer software.

List out the characteristics of the Software?

Some best characteristics of Software are:

  • The components of the Software can be reused.
  • The Software cannot wear out.
  • The Software is not manufactured but rather is developed.
  • Every Software can be fixed. In case if the Software has any errors or bugs, the problem could be fixed soon.
  • The Software can be transferred from one platform to the other.

So these are some standard features of the Software.

What is the difference between Hardware and Software?

Difference between the Hardware and Software;

  • Hardware is a physical and electronic component of a computer system, whereas Software is a set of instructions that tells the computer to perform specific tasks. 
  • The Hardware is divided into four main categories, namely Input devices, Output devices, Secondary storage devices, and Internal Components. At the same time, the Software is divided into two main categories, namely Application software and System software.
  • The Hardware is a physical component that can be seen and touched, and the Software cannot be touched but can be seen and used either. 
  • As the Hardware is a physical component, it can wear out in time. The Software won’t wear out but can be affected by bugs.
  • The Hardware cannot be affected by any virus, whereas on the other hand, the Software can be affected by computer viruses.
  • The Hardware is developed from electronic materials and others, whereas the Software is developed by writing using instructions using a programming language. 
  • If the Hardware is damaged, it can be replaced with a new one, whereas if the Software is damaged, it can be reinstalled with a backup copy.
  • The Hardware can be transferred to others only physically, whereas the Software can be transmitted digitally. 
  • Both the Hardware and the Software are interdependent on the other. Both cannot function without the other.
  • The Hardware is manufactured in factories; Software programmers and software development companies develop the Software.
  • The Hardware performs the task provided by the Software, whereas the Software provides instruction which to Hardware to perform a specific task provided by the Software.
  • Some examples of Hardware are Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Printer speaker, CPU, Motherboard, and more; the examples of the Software are Google Chrome, Adobe Photoshop, Windows 10, etc.

So there were some differences between the Hardware and the Software.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the computer?

Like many things, even computer has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a glance at both its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages :

Speed of the computer:

The computer can carry any task with incredible speed, which humans cannot defeat. From writing to solving the problem, human speed cannot match the speed of the computer.

The computer is versatile:

The computer is versatile. Earlier, people used computers only for calculation. But now the computer can perform any task required is the appropriate Software based on the task you want the computer to do.

The computer is accurate:

For instance, you may doubt the human calculation but not the computer. It is because of its accuracy. The computer provides you with accurate information.

Vast storage:

The computer can store a vast amount of data that the human brain cannot. We may have the limit to store information such as Audio, Video, images, etc., beyond which you cannot store anything in your brain. But when it comes to the computer, it can hold a massive amount of data in its memory. 


The computer provides productivity due to its speed. The speed of humans may decrease after some time, but the computer can work at the same speed even though time increases which contribute to good productivity of work. 

So these were some advantages of using the computer.



Whether it is smartphones, laptops, or computers, all these electronic devices play the same role in the subject of distractions. Sometimes during continuous work, we get into browsers for relaxation and thus get distracted simultaneously.

Can be expensive:

The computer is quite expensive. Even the starting price of the computer is high. It may not be costly for everyone, but for some, it may be.

Cybercrime and Hacking and Viruses:

Before a decade ago, you may not be familiar with these words. But an increase in the usage of crimes and fraudulent practices has also increased.

Viruses can also attack the computer, and due to the internet availability in the computer, cyber crimes also occur simultaneously.

Eye Strain:

Due to the focus and the prolonged concentration on the computer, it causes eye strains and causes a burning sensation to the eyes.

It also causes some eye-related problems and headaches among many people.

Improper Use:

Mostly everyone has a computer with them, but the question that arises is whether everyone is using it properly. The answer is No. Like smartphones, many people are also misusing computers.

 For example, many children use computers to play games; Many people use computers for entertainment purposes like watching movies, etc.

Anti Socialness among people:

Not only computers but other electronic devices like laptops and smartphones have also impacted many people.

The addiction to the computer and such electronic devices has made people anti-social. Those days when people used to sit together and had talked for a long time had replaced it with starring the smartphones and computers.

So these were some negative impacts of the computer. Consider both its advantages and disadvantages before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions: What is the difference between Hardware and Software: 

What is the relationship between the Hardware and the Software?

Both Hardware and Software are interdependent. Both are important for operating a computer and bringing the output for the program. The Hardware is of no use if there is no software and the Software is also useless until there are no hardware devices.

List out some examples of the system software?

Some examples of the system software are Android, Microsoft, Windows, Linux, search engines, game engines, computational science software, Chrome OS, Industrial Software, mac OS, and more. These are some best examples of system software applications.

Give some examples of Hardware?

Some examples of Hardware are CPU (Central Processing Unit), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), Monitor, Keyboard, Gamepad, Joystick, Microphone, Mouse, Printer, Scanner, Project, Speakers, USB thumb drive and so on. So these are some examples of computer hardware. 

What are the types of Software?

Some types of hardware include: 

  • System Software.
  • Application Software.
  • ShareWare
  • FreeWare.
  • Programming Software.
  • FirmWare.
  • Driver Software.
  • Open Source Software.
  • Closed Source Software and, 
  • Utility Software.

So these are some different types of Software.

I hope that the article (What is the difference between Hardware and Software) was helpful. If you have any queries related to the article, you can ask us, and we will be there to answer you as soon as possible. You can also share any suggestions and kindly comment on us in the comment section. Also, stay connected to read articles like this on our websites. So see you soon with the following article.

Thank you!

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